Telephone Interviewing

Telephonic Interview

Using telephones to conduct in-depth interviews is a quicker, easier way to approach primary research. As opposed to survey methodology conducted over the internet, through mailings, or in focus groups, telephone interviewing gives the interviewer and the respondent the chance to ask questions and inquiry about topics and questions just like in F2F interviews but without the extensive time and costs. Telephone interviewing is ideal if the target respondents are spread out over a large geographic scope or if a large number of interviews are required to complete the project objectives.

Telephone interviewing is an in-between methodology serving as the median between F2F interviews and surveys/panels. As a means of collecting primary, qualitative data, telephone interviews are typically the preferred method as they deliver high-quality responses with less timing and cost commitments than F2F interview.


Telephonic Interview ( survey)

# Telephone interviews are cheaper and easier to conduct than F2F interviews

# Interviews can deliver similar quality data

# Multiple points of view can be gathered through multiple interviews

# Interviews can be conducted over a wider geographic scope, even globally

# Answers to questions are as valid as F2F interviews

We conduct telephonic interviews for clients to assess the market feasibility of new products or service ideas and compare perceptions of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Telephonic Interview ( survey) Telephonic interviews can be conducted by chosen experts in the field. The Telephonic Interview is a vast and fast service provided by us to our client. This service is very good in analyzing the vast number of population in a very small time with an effective solution to our clients