We generate leads and prospects for your business, and build strong, resilient campaigns that incorporate sales AND marketing initiatives.

we create a relationship that is transparent, engaging to ensure everyone works towards the real needs of the customer or prospect.

The greatest marketing program in the world is only effective if your sales team have the time and dedication to follow up the enquiries and convert the demand that has been generated into actual sales.

If you then take into account that sales already have their own activities, their own pipeline, sales targets to meet and considerable reporting and administration to maintain, then a new marketing campaign is another task that has to be included in the daily routine.


At The Marketbeats, we recognise that sales departments are often already overworked and don’t have the time to make the necessary calls to prospects and customers.

However, with a strategic customer sales and lead management program, we can reduce the number of contacts your sales team need to make to prime a prospect and reduce their administration time, allowing them to focus on sales.

We do this by ensuring B2B Marketing and Sales departments work together to engage and nurture each individual prospect from the moment they’re on the company’s radar, through to sale.

We specialize in lead nurturing and only pass leads that are ready to purchase to sales.

MARKETING: Making conversations make great sales. The Marketbeats Generates leads and nurtures them to develop a positive relationship. We only pass leads on to sales when they are qualified as sales-ready.

SALES: Can focus on what they do best, close the sales-ready leads.

We review the activities of each team regularly and keep the lines of communication open.
We provide feedback to the sales team and welcome the same in return.
We use the same terminology as your sales team to avoid confusion.
We set number-based goals and outcomes for both teams that are universally understood.
Sales and Marketing divisions typically work toward the same end goal: revenue.

When they do so effectively, ROI, sales, productivity and top-line growth can also improve.

The Marketbeats has extensive experience in working with sales teams to achieve the best possible results.