Recruitment And Training

Recruitment goals A recruitment plan should be based on your business goals.

Are you planning to expand or change your business?

What skills are required to accomplish this objective? From there, you should establish specific recruitment goals.

One goal will be attracting the best people to work in your business. The best people will make a direct difference to your bottom line, helping to raise your service and quality level.

People who are less than dedicated to your business can compromise customer experiences. Some other recruitment goals may be: Attracting a higher standard of candidate Attracting a candidate who has skills you currently do not have in organization Promoting your company as a dynamic place where people want to work Determine your overall recruitment needs through having well established business goals.

1- Training

Cold Calling Training ( On Room )

Cold Calling Training ( On Field )

2- Sales Training

Telephone Cold Calling

Telephone Selling Training

Training For


Door To Door Sales

Direct sales of products and services

Sales Promotion

Field Sales Activities

Channel Development Direct To Retailer Sales