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Quality does not come automatically it takes time, hard work,knowlege and year of experience and talent to build Quality.

Technology has created new ways to reach people. But the principles of direct marketing are the same. Our job is to generate a response. We start with data, understanding behaviour and ways to affect it. Then use this insight to create an experience people care about. When you really love what you do, it shows in your work and your attitude.

We employ a full range of promotional and marketing services to meet your marketing objectives. We combine the results of high-quality fieldwork with our experienced fieldwork team to deliver more than data, We produce, insightful, actionable results. We'll partner with you. Our team works to fully understand your strategic objectives, which then allows them to design an appropriate methodology and carry out the marketing successfully. We believe that our research colleagues have done the hard work of getting the studies commissioned with the client. For having been in that position, we expect they are hoping all goes well everywhere they are commissioned to go to on behalf of the client. Our role is to relieve them of any hassle and make sure it happens just like they want it to happen.


At Marketbeats, we’re passionate about two things - meet people and experience.

We work directly for some end-clients, those whose products or brands are the object of the study, discussing their issues, finding out what the core questions are, making sure nothing essential in understanding the topic is left-out. More than merely noting down the clients questions, we like to challenge these questions and understand the problematic at stake - as it is with the best understanding of what is already known and what is most needed that we can provide the best data.

Data Collection

Fieldwork Services
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Personal Interviews
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