Mall & Market Promotions

We create meanful relationship between brand and people

Our team relationship with you improves your relationships with your customer.


At the heart of everything we do is creativity driven by strategy. Strategies that deliver meaningful, memorable experiences and help create natural, honest and straightforward relationships. Relationships that matter. Relationships that last.

In partnership with you, we decide which of these services – or combinations thereof – best help build your Brand

Mall & Market Promotions and Retail Activation Marketing

Generate shopper attention, engagement, store visits and actions with creative Retail Activation Marketing ideas

Retail Activation Marketing is the deployment of a wide range of custom ideas, events and experiential activations to generate local retail store awareness, visits, engagement and sales.



Retail Activation Marketing can engage shoppers in store, on-the-streets of cities, inside malls and other strategic locations.

Marketbeats assists with retail marketing activation ideas, event production & logistics, staffing, mall or city permits, retail event promotion and overseeing the implementation consumer engagement activities.

We are particularly well versed in generating and executing Retail Activation Marketing ideas on the streets of Pune and Mumbai.

Brand ambassadors are typically deployed with every Retail Activation Marketing to engage people throughout malls, directly outside shops and/or on-the-street near store locations. The role of brand ambassadors attract, inform and engage shoppers about in-store events, sales and experiential marketing activities.