Face to Face Interview

Face-to-face (F2F) interviewing is one of the oldest and most widely-used methods of conducting primary research. F2F interviews are conducted by a market researcher and a target respondent in the street, home, office, meeting place, etc. There are many advantages to using F2F interviews, such as the use of visual aids and the detection of social cues and body language. However, F2F interviewing can be costly and time consuming. F2F interviews require a significant amount of time on the front end to identify, recruit, and schedule the interview as well as the travel time and costs to meet the respondent in person

Face to Face Interview


# F2F allows for more in-depth data collection and comprehensive understanding

# Body language and facial expressions are more clearly identified and understood

# The interviewer can probe for explanations of responses

# Stimulus material and visual aids can be used to support the interview

# Interview length can be considerably longer since the participant has a greater

commitment to participate

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