BTL Activation

all kinds of Brand activations where a direct consumer contact is involved. Through our various creative BTL activation we are able to attract and interact a customers to feel , touch and use the product and build an immediate association with the product.

Our activation solutions ensure brand recognition and recall while at the same time highlights the features of the product.

When you want to create a brand activation campaign, the underlying objective should be to develop a face to face two way conversation with your customers. Consumer brand activations help to bring life into a company and can build a very loyal fan base. The caveat is you need to create engaging and memorable experiences that strike real emotions with your consumer

Here are a few of the benefits of consumer activations:

 Brand activation events, the consumer can give you feedback on what to change or improve as they are interacting with you. It can bring life into an aging brand and even reach younger Millennials audiences. It can help to reinforce the brand’s positioning in the minds of the consumer. Helps to cut through the traditional advertising clutter (TV Commercials, Print, Web Ads) It makes your brand more prominent.