In-depth Interviews

In depth interviews In depth interviews are a qualitative marketing research tool designed for studies with low incidence rates, sensitive subject areas and for products with a hard to reach target market such as specialists and other professionals. Qualitative interviews are particularly useful for getting the story behind a participants experiences and may sometimes be recommended as a follow-up to a quantitative marketing research study, in order to investigate responses further. Therefore qualitative interviews are used to uncover the why through exploratory exercises and in depth qualitative research discussions. These techniques allow the marketing research professional to have a detailed conversation in regards to usage, attitudes and to assess behaviors, motivations, likeability of products and creative concepts.

Getting to the heart of a key issue

An in-depth interview is a great way to learn more about what your respondents really think. Conducted over the telephone or face-to-face, this method is far more ‘open’ than other surveys, to encourage an equally open response.

Marketbeats executives have conducted many in-depth research interviews. We record and transcribe our discussions, and write an overall summary or a more detailed report on our findings.

We recommend using in-depth interviews for:

  • A detailed understanding of an individual’s thinking. Used on its own, it’s ideal for getting individual opinions (it should not be used to infer results for a wider population).
  • To prepare a quantitative survey. In-depth research interviews can help to pinpoint the key issues and generate ideas, aiding questionnaire design.
  • To get more insight after a survey. If you’ve already conducted a quantitative survey, in-depth interviews can shed more light on specific findings.