Focus Groups

Start the debate
Focus groups are an excellent way to get people to debate their thoughts, feelings and beliefs. By providing a relaxed space in which to talk openly, the conversation can flow, and a variety of opinions and experiences can come to the fore.

A focus group is ideal when you need to ask the questions why, how and what if…?. However, it’s vital that they’re moderated well, to keep the conversation on track and get the insight you need.

Taking care of the whole process

At Marketbeats, we’re highly practised in all aspects of focus group work. We offer:

  • An end-to-end service. We can take care of all elements, from designing the format of your focus group, to moderation and analysis of the output.
  • A choice of focus group settings. Focus groups are traditionally carried out face-to-face, but they can also be held online with excellent results.
  • Skilled moderation. Our moderators know how to maintain the natural flow and flux of discussion while keeping everyone focused on the key objectives.