Face to Face Survey

Show - Tell - Ask
Face-to-face Survey and research has always been a popular way to learn people’s opinions. By interacting directly with respondents, interviewers can capture more detailed thoughts on specific subjects – from TV adverts, to new products, to places and events.

At Marketbeats, our data collection team is highly experienced in conducting face-to-face surveys, and knows how to recruit the right people for rounded and unbiased insight.

We offer four types of face to face Survey:

  • In-street. We use a short questionnaire with a ‘convenience’ sample of people in public places. This gives results that are indicative, but not usually statistically sound.
  • Exit interviews. Interviewing people as they leave a venue is a cost-effective way to find out about the experiences they’ve just had.
  • In-home. These longer and more complex face-to-face surveys are best for when detailed, high quality data is needed about people in a specific area.
  • Hall tests. Interviewers recruit people in the street and take them to a nearby location to complete an interview. This is especially valuable when the survey is about products or media.