Door to Door Survey

Giving people the time to respond

Are you surveying a wide geographical area? Perhaps your respondents need time to consider or research their answers. In either case, a door to door survey or home survey is an excellent and cost-effective choice.

The only potential issue is the response rate. Allowing people to respond in their own time can run the risk of their not responding at all. We often recommend that one or more reminders are sent so as to boost the number of responses.

Ensuring maximum response rates

At Marketbeats, we strive to achieve the highest possible response rates to our postal surveys. We do this through a tried and tested combination of:

  • Specialist survey design, to produce professional printed documents that are constructed to encourage a response.
  • Experienced researchers, who have managed many high volume postal surveys.
  • A robust tracking system, producing timely and accurate reminders to people when their survey responses are due.
  • Free telephone support for any respondent having difficulty completing their questionnaire.

We also use electronic scanning, for quick and accurate data entry back at our offices.