Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Transform your service with customer insight

Unless they’re unhappy, customers rarely tell you what they think of your service. The only way to find out is to ask them outright through a customer satisfaction survey.

But this can be challenging to get right. What questions should you ask? What format should the survey take? And how do you encourage your customers to take part?

Minimal intrusion, maximum response
At Marketbeats, we are experts in designing, running and analysing customer satisfaction surveys, interviews.
Our programmes are:

  • Tailored to your customers. The best insight comes from surveys that are designed to get a response. We know how to design surveys to suit all manner of customers, from businesses, to individuals and high net worth accounts.
  • Useable. We give you insight that you can act on. Whether you want to monitor trends over time with our dashboard solution, or to flag dissatisfied or satisfied customers in real time, we have all sorts of ways to turn your customer feedback into insight.
  • Collaborative. We’ll work with you at every stage – from design, to data collection, to analysis and reporting – to ensure the programme is exactly what you want.

Tenant and Homeowners surveys

Customers’ are not just commercial customers, but also include tenants and homeowners in surveys that we conduct for registered social landlords. The recommended approach to collecting these people’s views is covered within House